Groundwater remediation in New Jersey

fast facts

Project: Commercial claim review

Client: Private insurer

Size: 45 acres

Services provided: Commercial claim review and exposure assessment

Groundwater remediation in New Jersey

A 45-acre industrial site in New Jersey was undergoing remediation after decades of chlorinated solvent contamination. The former property owner was being sued for clean-up costs due to historic environmental contamination. The costs in the suit included an environmental investigation and the design, construction, and operation of a groundwater recovery and treatment system.

H2M’s review of coverage periods, documentation, and settlement consent orders resulted in the elimination of several claims. Site characterization data and the treatment system’s design were reviewed to assess the approach to remediation as well as its current and projected costs. Efforts were focused on optimization of the groundwater extraction well network and re-balancing the hydraulic loading of the system. Our recommendations to optimize the treatment system’s operation and maintenance program will result in a reduction in the claim from $37 million to $10 million.


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