Construction defects in Connecticut

fast facts

Project: Structural cause & origin inspection

Client: Private insurer

Services provided: Cause & origin inspection

Construction defects in Connecticut

In a newly-built subdivision, a number of homes were showing problems only months after completion. Nail heads had started to protrude through the finished wood floors. The contractor’s general liability carrier asked H2M to inspect and determine the cause and origin of the problem.

H2M conducted a structural inspection and reviewed the project’s rough carpentry specifications. We were able to identify that unseasoned or green lumber was utilized for the project, which did not match the original project specifications. Green lumber has an extremely high moisture content. During the curing process, the lumber shrinks in dimension while drying. Air drying can take as long as four months.

Based on the fast-track nature of this project, we determined that the time between when the lumber was milled and the residences were occupied was three months or less. The use of green lumber caused the structural framing to season in place, changing its dimensions and allowing nail indentations to appear.


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