South Huntington Water District overhauled from the top down

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Project: South Huntington Elevated Storage Tank Rehab

Client: South Huntington Water District

Size: 0.5 MG

Services provided: Evaluation, design, construction administration, construction inspection

South Huntington Water District overhauled from the top down

Routine inspection of the South Huntington Water District’s Plant 13 concrete tank revealed deficiencies that needed to be addressed. The concrete dome roof was in poor condition. Patch repairs weren’t holding. Something was going to give.

The District hired H2M to design a replacement for the 50-year-old, post-tensioned concrete dome roof. An aluminum geodesic dome design was selected for its lightweight, low-maintenance construction and ease of installation; with an aluminum frame and panels, corrosion would not pose an issue, and no painting or coating system would be required. New OSHA-compliant interior and exterior access ladders, complete with a stainless steel cable safety climb system, were also installed.

The District took this opportunity to coat the exterior of the tank. The existing coating had become unsightly and unflattering for the highest visible point in the Town. Selecting a modern, high-performance coating system compliant with all New York State Department of Health VOC emission regulations, H2M specified a breathable, waterborne, single-component, acrylic elastomeric coating. The roll-on and spray-on coating system was easy to apply to the tank’s exterior after cleaning.

Providing design services, construction administration, and inspection, H2M brought the project in both on time and under budget, a win-win for everyone.


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