Planning for a well-connected future

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Project: Lodi Land Use & Mobility Plan

Client: Borough of Lodi

Size: Population 24,000, Area 2.3 square miles

Services provided: Existing conditions analysis, online survey, public workshops, mobility plan mapping, transit study, master plan adoption

Planning for a well-connected future

The recipient of a 2010 Achievement in Planning Award from the New Jersey Planning Officials (NJPO), Lodi's Land Use and Circulation Master Plan recognizes the inseparable links between land use, the transportation network, and community life in the Borough of Lodi. Connecting the decision making process for both land use and transportation was central to improving mobility within the Borough and ensuring the viability of its redevelopment efforts.

H2M utilized community workshops and online survey tools to reveal residents preferences. Patterns of mobility, modal preferences, typical destinations, circulation bottlenecks, and solution were all considered. Key stakeholders such as NJDOT, NJTransit, Bergen County, local officials, business owners were brought together with citizens for planning meetings. The scope of their meetings was help identify and evaluate transportation options, reduce automobile usage, and to look for ways to increase alternative transportation modes. Improvement plans for walking, bicycling, transit, parking, vehicular and truck traffic were vetted during presentations to the community, transportation professionals and local officials.

The final plan included land use and circulation master plan guides land use and development decisions update or change it. The award from the NJPO was for excellence in planning.


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