Relocating floodplain residents to avoid future risks

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Project: Washingtonville Hazard Mitigation Grant

Client: Village of Washingtonville

Size: 18 properties

Services provided: Grant preparation and administration

Relocating floodplain residents to avoid future risks

Village of Washingtonville, located in the Lower Hudson Valley faced a difficult situation. Flooding of homes along the Moodna Creek was becoming more prevalent as the 100 year flood plain was expanding. H2M was hired to assist in writing a grant application to secure funding to purchase residential properties damaged by flooding as a result of Hurricane Irene. Purchasing these properties would reduce the potential public safety and health risks that occur during major flood events.

After repetitive losses, the homeowners readily volunteered to participate in the program. The grant proposed developing fair-market values, acquisition of the properties, demolition and removal of structures, site restoration, and deed restriction and property acquisition services.

The grant application was successful with Washingtonville awarded $4.59 million in state and federal funding to purchase 18 residential properties along the Creek.


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