Coordinating a tank rehabilitation without interrupting service

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Project: Yonkers Water Tank Rehabilitation

Client: City of Yonkers

Size: 1.0 MG

Services provided: Evaluation, design, construction administration, construction inspection, cellular coordination

Coordinating a tank rehabilitation without interrupting service

Looking for a rehabilitation of one of their three water tanks, the City of Yonkers called H2M. After performing a structural and coating systems evaluation on the 1 million gallon steel elevated storage tank, H2M recommended full rehabilitation of the interior and exterior coatings. The existing systems were chipping, peeling and chalking, signs that they had reached the end of their expected service life. H2M also recommended installation of a passive Tideflex mixing system, which would allow the Water Department to easily turn over the tank’s contents and mitigate stagnant water inside the tank.

Construction was timed to start in the fall, after the City’s pumping season ended. Early winter weather caused a delay that put the project at risk of missing the next pumping season. Reworking the schedule, H2M directed the interior coating and the Tideflex installation during the winter months, and the exterior prep and paint work in the spring. The schedule was met and the project completed on time.

H2M provided the traditional services of contract administration and construction inspection as well as a newer, but much needed service, cellular coordination. As water towers are often the tallest structures in the area and cell phone networks continue to fill in their missing service areas, the two have come together, with cell phone antennas mounted to the exterior of the water tank. For the City of Yonkers, their 202 foot tall tank was home to 18 antennas from multiple wireless phone companies. H2M coordinated the removal and re-installation of antennas, routing of conduits, and upgrade of equipment during the rehabilitation.


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