Even better than the real thing

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Project: Smithtown CSD Athletic Field

Client: Smithtown Central School District

Services provided: Turf field design, soil remediation, construction management

Even better than the real thing

Having recently refurbished the perimeter running tracks at its East and West High Schools, the Smithtown Central School District was looking to replace its existing natural grass athletic fields without causing any damage to the new tracks. To meet this need, H2M designed a synthetic athletic field consisting of a polyethylene “grass” fiber system with a sand and rubber particle base. As an added bonus, the graphics, numbering, and striping for multiple sports were stitched into the field’s surface, eliminating the need to repaint game lines between seasons.

During construction at the East High School field, some unsuitable, poor-quality soil was uncovered and removed to ensure the field’s long-term performance. Construction proceeded smoothly, with extra attention paid to the protection of the running tracks. The new fields will provide a durable, low-maintenance alternative to traditional turf grass for years to come


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