A breath of fresh air for the Lakes at Setauket

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Project: The Lakes at Setauket Sludge Pump

Client: The Lakes at Setauket Homeowners Association

Size: 600 gallons of waste sludge/day

Services provided: Wastewater engineering, construction documents, bid management, construction administration

A breath of fresh air for the Lakes at Setauket

The sewage treatment plant at the Lakes at Setauket condominium complex was beginning to show its age in both operation and capacity. The plant featured a manual airlift wasting system which used compressed air to transfer sludge from one tank to another. This system required the plant operator to manually open and close air valves each day to maintain proper biology and prevent build-up of older, odor-causing sludge. A missed day often resulted in unpleasant smells emanating from the plant.

H2M redesigned the wasting system with an automatic sludge pump, featuring a peristaltic-style hose pump. This new pump automation allowed for the transfer of older sludge without the operator visiting on a daily basis. The new control panel allows for periodic adjustment of the pump duration in response to different loading during weekends and weekdays. These improvements created a more efficient, automatically operated treatment plant that keeps the biology, air mixture, and sewage treatment optimized for the community’s needs. The outcome to the residents was reduced operating costs and a treatment plant with fewer odors.


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