Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

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Services provided: Elevated Moisture Levels resulting in Mold Damage

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

H2M’s Industrial Hygiene Division provides a multitude of services including mold assessments, mold remediation specifications, post remediation clearance testing, lead testing and indoor air quality testing.  In addition, H2M’s IAQ Division can complete:

  • Mold assessments

  • Lead inspection

  • Radon measurement and mitigation design services

  • Cause and origin investigations involving insurance investigations and legal disputes

  • Indoor air quality / Sick building syndrome investigations

  • Industrial hygiene services: hazard assessments, safety program writing for general industry (e.g. Written respiratory protection, Hazcom (Hazzard Communications), hearing conservation, bloodborne pathogens, confined space and lockout/tagout programs), safety program implementation and maintenance, staff training.

  • Health and Safety document review services of interest to manufacturing, construction, insurance and legal industries

  • SSDS Design (Sub Slab Depressurization Systems) such as OER requirements in NYC

    General indoor air quality assessments can be provided for a variety of scenarios including cesspool/sewage backups, soot and smoke damage, fuel oil releases and many more.


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