Cosmetics plant gets wastewater system makeover

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Project: Wastewater discharge pretreatment system evaluation

Client: Confidential client

Size: 113,000 gallons

Services provided: Wastewater discharge pretreatment system evaluation

Cosmetics plant gets wastewater system makeover

H2M's client, a global cosmetics company, uses its Kentucky-based plant to manufacture shampoos, conditioners, hair gels and hairspray for national distribution. The facility discharges both sanitary and industrial wastewater streams through separate building sewer laterals. However, its permit to discharge the waste, some of which contains greater concentrations than normal sewage, came with a surcharge.

A review of the facility was conducted by H2M as it relates to water usage and wastewater generation, with the objective of identifying means to reduce wastewater strength to minimize the surcharge fees being imposed by the sewer district. In its assessment of the plant, H2M uncovered that the cleaning procedures used were responsible for the spikes in the plant’s effluent stream.

After discussions with the plant’s staff, a cost-saving measure was proposed to modify the current cleaning-in-place (CIP) procedure. The modified CIP would repeat only the final rinse cycle of products in need of cleaning. This, in turn, reduced the chemical and water usage.

Conversely, it was also uncovered that products were using an excessive water amount for cleaning. H2M recommended the operator control panel be reprogrammed to allow for the cleaning duration to be selected based on the product in the tank, thus reducing water usage and wastewater generation.


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