Combating well contamination

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Project: South Huntington GAC Filters and Plant Improvements

Client: South Huntington Water District

Size: 4.0 MGD

Services provided: Engineering Study, Soils Investigation, Asbestos Investigation, Topographic Survey, Preparation of Design Documents, SCDHS Regulatory Certification Engineering, Architectural Design

Combating well contamination

With Wells 7-1 and 7-2 impacted by contamination, H2M was retained by the South Huntington Water District (SHWD) to evaluate and determine the most viable and cost-effective VOC-removal treatment technology.

H2M prepared an engineering study for SHWD to evaluate available VOC removal alternatives, which concluded that granular-activated carbon (GAC) pressure filters would be the best treatment solution for the client. H2M later went on to design and prepare construction documents for a new GAC treatment facility and would be able to treat a total of 4.0 MGD through four carbon pressure filters.

The scope of the project included rehabilitation of two 2.0 MGD ground water wells, modifications to existing site piping, and the demolition of the existing pump houses. A 2,780-square-foot masonry building was constructed to house Well 7-2, four 12-foot diameter GAC pressure filters, a 4,000 gallon horizontal caustic storage tank, calcium hypochlorite tablet chlorinators and chemical metering pumps for pH adjustment and disinfection. A 245-square-foot masonry building was built on site to house Well 7-1. There is also a 500 kW standby generator to feed power to both wells in the event of a power outage.


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